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Learn to fight right

Guidance for course graduates.

Working with anger and anxiety issues usually doesn't end after eight weeks.

Why? Because teaching the body and mind to change patterns and habits of 20, 30, or 50 years takes time, intention, and perseverance.

Therefore, we have opened a group for graduates of the course who wish to continue and receive weekly support and guidance in managing their anger and anxiety in their lives.

In the group, with up to 10 participants, we meet once a week for an hour and a half on Zoom during evening hours. The group is facilitated by an experienced instructor from the course's teaching team.

The graduate group is an opportunity to receive guidance and support from a community of men and women who understand the language of the model and work with anger in their own lives.

You can join the group based on availability for a series of 10 sessions.

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Development methods for course graduates


Registration for another cycle - extended course

Opening on 4/30/2023

Weekly class with Tamir Ashman Participation in a practice group


A monthly meeting with Tamir Ashman and Maya Ben Yaakov

Months question and answer session with Tamir and Maya


A group of graduates

Weekly meeting led by Erez Meltzer on Monday evenings 

Registration for 10 sessions

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