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The school of relations
"Learn to fight right" 

Intended for couples, men and women dealing with tensions, anxieties and situations of aggression in the family

Welcome to my website and our relationship school.

For more than twenty years I have been treating men and women with difficulties in personal, marital, and parental emotional regulation.  I have so far met hundreds of people who suffer from anxiety attacks and tantrums, people who want to find a way and a way out, from the personal, marital, or family crisis they are going through.

During these years I gathered a lot of knowledge about the relationship between men and women, and I developed effective language and techniques to work on regulating our emotional world. I invite you to take a journey with me toward the world of emotion. To the way in which we can heal past pains using effective tools to balance our body and our mental regulation in complex family and marital situations.  

On the site, you will find articles, articles, and videos dealing with healthy interpersonal relationships.

Come learn with us how to "Learn to fight right".

Tamir Ashman

תמיר אשמן ללמוד לכעוס נכון
Watch Tamir Ashman's TED talk
Mastering the Art of Anger | Tamir Ashman | TEDxBeitBerlCollege
TEDx Talks

Mastering the Art of Anger | Tamir Ashman | TEDxBeitBerlCollege

תמיר אשמן ללמוד לכעוס נכון
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תמיר אשמן ללמוד לכעוס נכון

During the decades that I have been treating, teaching, and writing about my work, articles have been published in the written media and on television documenting my social work in the field of gender-sensitive education and care in Israel.

תמיר אשמן ללמוד לכעוס נכון

Our school brings to your home, an in-depth and comprehensive course that teaches for 8 weeks how to improve your anxiety attacks and outbursts of rage. It is intended for both women and men, and it's delivered online with Tamir Ashman and a team of facilitators and teachers of the method for learning how to maintain balance during a storm.

תמיר אשמן ללמוד לכעוס נכון

In recent years I have participated in podcasts dealing with psychology, gender and healthy interpersonal communication. The podcasts are a very effective and simple tool to convey deep knowledge while washing dishes, walking in the park and driving in the car.

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