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Rai Shaham

אשמן ללמוד לכעוס נכון

My name is Rei Shaham and I am a clinical social worker (msw), with a master's degree in trauma care.     

I am an individual therapist for women, men, youth and lead groups.  

In recent years, I have been working at the center for the treatment and prevention of domestic violence in Ramat Gan, at the center for the prevention of sexual violence among young people of the AL association and at a private clinic in Tel Aviv. I am mainly involved in the treatment of domestic violence or "intimate violence", which usually occurs in the closest relationship space of a person.

Getting out of the cycle of violence

I believe that every manifestation of violence originates from great pain and the difficulty of properly expressing different needs and feelings. Therefore, the treatment of violence sometimes also requires returning to those painful places and making them more accessible and talkable. I put as a primary goal a change of offensive and ineffective patterns of behavior and expression. In the process I provide tools for controlling and managing anger as well as tools for effective and non-offensive communication based on assertiveness, honesty and trust.


The therapeutic process first enables the identification and cessation of violence, and later deals with empowerment and strengthening and provides new tools for assertive communication based on self-worth and setting healthy boundaries.  
I believe that life in the circle of violence is almost always the product of a shock that first occurred in the family unit and in the initial relationship. That's why I see therapy as an opportunity for a new and corrective relationship, with the help of which you can observe and face together with the goal of creating change. 

The treatment of violence, like the treatment of trauma, is a brave journey of self-recognition and dealing with pain and difficulty. But my experience shows me again and again that it is absolutely possible and that its great benefits have a positive effect on all areas of life.     

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