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Learn to fight right

A course for education and teaching staff

This is a unique language for managing anger and emotional management developed by Tamir Ashman and Maya Ben Yaakov Ashman.


Tamir, who has accumulated over 20 years of experience working with family violence and anger issues, and Maya, who developed the "Physical Orientation" model, possess deep expertise and years of understanding of the physical expression of anger. Stress and anger are inherited by all of us in the society we live in. The daily pressure, social reality, adolescence, and the burden on the educational team, and the youth make it very difficult to cope with aggression and violence within the educational framework.

The goal of learning the model for educational teams is to reduce incidents of aggression and anger and to create tools for building the classroom as an educational space that emphasizes healthy relationships based on trust and dialogue.

From meeting to meeting in the educational team course, practical tools will be provided for daily work with anger and outbursts of anger in the educational encounter and the school environment.

Implementation of the model among the educational team

  • Will provide educators, instructors, or teachers with tools to cope with daily challenges in dealing with aggression in the educational space.

  • Enhancement of the ability to develop meaningful relationships between the team and the students.

  • Turning "meaningful" events into events with significance for the personal relationships of the student and the classroom structure.

  • Learning to express anger assertively, with eye contact that sees the other side even in tense situations.

  • Creating a shared language between the team and the students that supports the construction of positive relationships.

  • Significant tools for reducing outbursts of anger and anxiety within the educational framework.

  • The course is suitable for formal settings (schools, institutions) and informal settings.

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