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About Me

We are Tamir Ashman and Maya Ben Yaakov, a couple and parents. We run an integrated clinic in Tel Aviv. In 2020, we started an online school called 'Learning to Anger Correctly.' Our team helps men and women release anger and anxiety. Over 1,000 people have studied with us, and we've trained a team of facilitators to teach our model.

I was born in Rehovot in 1970, and ever since I can remember, the universe and existence fascinated my consciousness. Nature, the body, relationships, and creativity have drawn me into diverse journeys of complexity. One thing led to another.

In 1992, I started working and caring for children in a youth hostel in Tel Aviv. Working in the hostel taught me a lot about the existential importance of emotional expression and the value of genuine dialogue between people.

Naturally, working in the hostel led me to pursue my bachelor's degree in social work at Tel Aviv University. Later on, I continued to a two-year program for group facilitators and then completed my master's degree in social work at Tel Aviv University.

The field of group therapy captivated me, especially focusing on the relational language between people. In 1996, I started a group for men who exhibit violence in the family at the Glickman Center in Tel Aviv, a group that I still facilitate today. The many years of working with this group connected me to the deep narratives of the silent pain experienced by many men in Israeli society, a pain that does not receive proper recognition and social acknowledgment. In the past ten years, I have documented this work by publishing articles online, presenting my learning and process in this field.

In 1999, a three-dimensional geometric shape appeared to me in a noon dream, opening the gates to the world of geometry and leading me to thirteen years of independent research and the development of a new geometric model.

In 2003, I moved from the bustling center of Tel Aviv to the peaceful area of Yarkon Park. During this period, I deepened my connection with the body through Tai Chi, which highlighted the importance of listening to the body. In this period, I also went on my first Vipassana retreat, which lasted eleven days. It was a mind and heart-moving experience. In simple words, the practical encounter with classical body wisdom as taught humbly and compassionately by Goenka swept me into a profound experience that accompanies me to this day.

In that same Yarkon period, the magical and loving force of serendipity introduced me to Maya, an exceptional body therapist and teacher. Together, we had three children and countless life experiences... (For those who wish to delve into Maya's therapeutic work, feel free to visit her website at

In 2019, I closed the group for men exhibiting violence and opened spaces for study and therapy for men and women struggling with anger outbursts.

Today, I am a faculty member in the two-year program for group facilitators at Tel Aviv University. I also co-direct, along with Dr. Oren Gur, the annual program for leading men's circles and teach/facilitate in the second and first-degree tracks of social work. I manage the School of Relationships, where we lLearn to fight right.

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