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The school of relationships
Learn to fight right

Small group course

The length of the group course is 8 weeks during which you will learn tools to regulate stress, reduce anger and anxiety in your life and learn to be angry properly.

The course consists of a weekly meeting of one hour and 45 minutes on Zoom, in a small group of male and female participants.

The group is led by an experienced teacher from the School of Relationships, who accompanies the participants throughout the course.

During the eight weeks, you will be accompanied by an application with daily training videos that will help maintain the routine of the course, delve deeper into the contents, and connect them to the daily work with the contents of the course.

In the course, we combine body practices for sensory and nervous regulation from the method, Body Orientation developed by Maya Ben Jacob Ashman

All of these together create a comprehensive and focused, in-depth process that will allow you to make a change in dealing with anger in your life and experience a significant improvement in your relationships with those close to you.

*Towards the beginning of the course, you will receive an in-depth questionnaire that will help you and us understand and refine your process in the course.

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The upcoming courses


Small group course
Hosted by

Tuesday 20:15 - 22:00 | 5/9/23

₪1950 per individual.

(Registration is only available for a trial week.)


Frontal course in Tel Aviv  
Hosted by Itai Linder

Tuesday 20:15 - 22:00 | 18/7/23

₪1950 per individual.

(Registration is only available for a trial week.)


A small group course.
 Hosted by Ohad Levy

Sunday 20:15-22:00 | 25/6/23

₪1600 per individual.

(Registration is only available for a trial week.)

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