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The treatment center

You can call to phone  0528722836

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Usually, a meeting takes place once a week, for an hour, in which the patient's life and behavioral choices as manifested during the week are deepened. 

During a therapeutic hour, you can see how the person directs and casts his life. How he unconsciously recreates the unresolved from his past in many moments of his life in the present, with the aim of helping the patient bravely break through the stuck and the blocked, and discover together new movements and choices that stem from deeper self-love and a sense of security of the person with himself and his immediate environment. 

Whom might it be effective for?

For people who are at crossroads in their lives. (separations, divorces, entering a relationship, entering motherhood/fatherhood, professional change)

For people experiencing a period of difficulty and setbacks in their lives. (entering relationships, within relationships, the entire field of parenting)

For people who are in a temporary or chronic state of anxiety and/or depression. 

Individual therapy is particularly effective for treating traumas from the recent and distant past.

How does It work?

In essence, this varies from patient to patient, it is a story of precise listening to the needs of the person who applies for treatment, according to their needs we build a kind of 'intervention plan' that will suit the person's unique development journey.

Sometimes the treatment focuses on processing separation processes from close relationships, sometimes on a professional crisis, sometimes the treatment focuses on the patient's ability to express and regulate emotions, and sometimes the treatment focuses on the person's action and practical breakthrough in their actual life, and sometimes the work focuses on learning techniques for organizing more effectively with the inner world of the suffering patient from the reality of anxiety or depression. And more…

How long does it last

Varies from person to person, it ranges from a short-term treatment of several sessions, up to many years, depending on the needs of the patient.

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