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Learn to get angry properly in 8 weeks- Cycle 19

The course to learn to be angry correctly in its extended version takes place twice a year.

The length of the course is 8 weeks during which you will learn tools to regulate stress, reduce anger and anxiety in your life and learn to be angry properly.

A week in the course consists of 2 sessions:

  • Weekly class on Sunday evenings at 20:15-21:45 Zoom with Tamir Ashman where he teaches the weekly topic. Tamir has over 20 years of experience in the field of domestic violence and anger outbursts (here you can findarticlesorthe skitsin which he participated).

  • A small practice group for individuals or couples that meets on Zoom one evening of the week for an hour and a half and deepens the content taught in the course. The group is guidedExperienced teacher from the School of Relationshipswho accompanies the participants throughout the course.

  • During the eight weeks, you will be accompanied by an application with daily training videos that will help you maintain the routine of the course, delve deeper into the contents and connect them to everyday life.

  • In the course we combine body practices for sensory and nervous regulation from a methodPhysical orientationdeveloped by Maya ben Yaakov Ashman

All these together create a comprehensive depth process and focusedThat will allow you to make a difference in dealing with anger in your life and your lifeand a significant improvement in relations with those close to you.

*The practice groups meet on Tuesday-Wednesday in the evening and you can join them on a space-available basis after registering for the course. Joining is recommended but not mandatory and you can only participate in the weekly class on Sunday 


*Towards the beginning of the course you will receive an in-depth questionnaire that will help you and us understand what brought you to the course

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For details and registration for the upcoming course
אשמן, ללמוד לכעוס נכון
learn to get angry properly  
Registration for an individual

Opening on 4/30/2023

1,600 NIS per person, with pre-registration 

(You can only register for a trial week)

I learned a new language during the course, I felt that I was channeling the oxytocin mechanism. I feel that there is a lot of personal work that I still have to do, but without a doubt I have acquired tools and an understanding of the root of the outbreaks, thanks to the course. Thanks

I started to give space to my feelings, the outbursts of rage subsided, I created an emotional language with my partner and children, I am aware of the things that come out of my mouth, I understand that it is possible to speak in a violent way and just before choosing other sentences that create rapport

I looked forward to the group meetings on Wednesdays, the application of the concepts and content learned that could be discussed in the smaller group. For me it was an anchor for the assimilation of what was learned that week.

The course is a life-changing course, I think it should be taught in school, I regret not taking it years ago, it significantly changed my outbursts of rage at the children, I have no words to thank. Amazing course and highly recommended.

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